22-year-old man arrested in for allegedly killing his father . . A 22-year-old…

22-year-old man arrested in #Abuja for allegedly killing his father .

A 22-year-old man,  Huzaifa Hussaini Usman has been charged by the police in Abuja for allegedly killing his own father.
The deceased, Alhaji Hussaini Usman, a businessman and contractor, was allegedly strangled to death in his residence at Abdulkareem Adisa Estate, Apo, Abuja on October 28. Police investigators have reportedly concluded after over a month of investigation that the deceased’s last son, Huzaifa Hussaini Usman, was the main suspect in the murder. .

According to initial reports circulated on October 28, armed robbers invaded the house of the deceased and strangled him.
According to a report by Daily Trust, a neighbour of the deceased was said to have explained that after the morning prayers, the people present at the mosque reportedly heard some noises coming from the deceased’s house and put a call across to him but that he didn’t answer. .

They were said to have finally gotten access to the house after calling the wife of the deceased.
“When they entered, they saw the dead body of Alhaji in the sitting room. Those that entered said they were suspicious because they knocked on the door severally and it took a long while before it was eventually opened.
Huzaifa was said to have told people that after he discovered his father had been killed and the assailants had left, he dragged the corpse to the sitting room from the compound and he went to call his mother before they went to the mosque to call for assistance. .

The family source said this conflicting narrative led to further questions. “Huzaifa said they went to call people from the mosque but the people from the mosque said they actually went on their own to make enquiries in the house. These are a group of people, so we believe they cannot be lying.” .
He added that “on Huzaifa’s body, there were scratches that looked like finger scratches. So we were suspicious and asked how he came about the scratches since he earlier said the assailants asked him to face the wall.”
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