Antonio de la Rosa just became the first person to complete the nearly 3,000-mil…

Antonio de la Rosa just became the first person to complete the nearly 3,000-mile journey from San Francisco to Oahu, Hawaii, using just a specially designed stand-up paddleboard. The journey took him 76 days, during which he says he had one consistent companion: plastic. De la Rosa says he hoped the adventure would bring attention to the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean. He didn’t have a support vehicle following him, so he packed everything he’d need on the 24-foot paddleboard, which weighed more than 1,500 pounds and it didn’t have any engines. “My arms and my legs are my motor,” he said.


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  1. Lmfao what a waste of time and energy. Talk about a selfish dude lol wanna use your arms and legs, then idk maybe help build homes for kids and homeless ppl, lmfao this is not a hero. This is a guy who wanted attention

  2. I don’t believe that i think he’s lying he is biased and the ocean is huge and thats an understatement if he seen plastic every single day that means there is more plastic than fish

  3. And yet I bet he didn’t pick up one piece. What the Liberal, tree hugging outrage? Great achievement by this person, and CNN paints hom as being part of the problem. Now wonder their going under.


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