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The Ginsburg Vacancy – WSJ

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Friday leaves the Supreme Court without its liberal leader, and the timing inevitably means a titanic fight over her successor that has uncertain and perhaps momentous implications for the national elections only 45 days away. A year of political shocks now has another one. Justice Ginsburg, who was […]

Thailand’s Cannabis Revolution | Drugs

For decades, Thailand was at the forefront of the war on drugs. Known for flooding the world with drugs from the Golden Triangle, Thailand’s laws became so tough, the country now tops the list in Asia for the rate of incarceration. But recently, the military-led government shocked the world by announcing plans to legalise medical […]

Bill Barr’s Prosecutorial Warning – WSJ

We live in a strange time when progressives say American law enforcement is racist, yet they’ll also go to the mattresses to defend prosecutors from political accountability. Witness the partisan distortions of Attorney General Bill Barr’s Wednesday speech celebrating Constitution Day. Mr. Barr delivered a thoughtful address on how a democracy should handle the profound […]

Coronavirus Australia live update: unemployment rate falls as Victoria records 28 new Covid cases and NSW five | Australia news

Australia’s employment rebounded with 111,000 more jobs in August compared with July, but more Victorians are out of work due to the state’s second wave of Covid-19 and Melbourne’s stage-four lockdown. The Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force data, released on Thursday, confirms Australia’s two-speed economy, with unemployment falling overall by 0.7% to 6.8% but […]

The Higher Wages of Growth

In case you missed it, and most of the media did, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday that the median household income in 2019 grew a whopping 6.8%—the largest annual increase on record. While this year’s government-ordered lockdowns will erase these gains in the short term at least, it’s still worth highlighting how lower-income workers and […]

Biden of the Climate Apocalypse

Sometimes we wonder if Joe Biden writes anything in his public remarks other than the words “here’s the deal.” An example is the Democratic nominee’s big speech Monday on the West Coast wildfires in which he never mentioned the need for better forest management. The younger Joe Biden would never have allowed that kind of […]

‘We Hope They Die’ – WSJ

No one other than the shooter is responsible for the gunfire ambush Saturday of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies as they sat in their patrol car. But the same can’t be said for the protesters who blocked the entrance to the hospital where the two are being treated, and chanted “we hope they die.” […]

Whistleblower’s claims on Russian election interference fits Trump administration pattern – National

A whistleblower’s allegation that he was pressured to suppress intelligence about Russian election interference is the latest in a series of similar accounts involving former Trump administration officials, raising concerns the White House risks undercutting efforts to stop such intrusions if it plays down the seriousness of the problem. There is no question the administration […]

Coronavirus live news: illegal protests held in Melbourne; France rules out second lockdown | World news

12.48am EDT00:48 With that, I’ll be handing over the blog to my colleague Graham Readfearn. Thanks for reading, and stay safe. 12.34am EDT00:34 Earlier today, Queensland’s health minister, Steven Miles had some words for federal politicians who have criticised the Queensland state government’s border restrictions. The prime minister, and former immigration minister, Scott Morrison, and […]

Mail-Vote Madness in Pennsylvania – WSJ

Pennsylvania has already suffered one interminable mail-vote delay in 2020, and a repeat in November could draw the entire country into a legal brawl, while putting the result of the presidential election into serious doubt. How about heading off this too-predictable debacle before it happens? A week after the June 2 primary, about half the […]

A Plea to Save New York

New York City’s lockdown and violent crime spike have driven away many office workers, and on Thursday business honchos finally told Mayor Bill de Blasio that they’ll be reluctant to return unless he cleans up the streets. What took them so long? “We need to send a strong, consistent message that our employees, customers, clients […]

What happens if you catch the new coronavirus? | News

A new coronavirus that emerged in China late last year has spread to at least 188 countries on six continents, with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the outbreak of the pathogen a pandemic.  More than 904,000 have died from the virus worldwide and the number of reported cases has exceeded 27.8 million, according to […]

Woodward’s Non-Revelation – WSJ

The books professing dark revelations about President Trump appear to be lined up from here to Election Day, like aircraft heading into LaGuardia. This week it’s Bob Woodward’s turn, with the big news reportedly being that Mr. Trump told him in a taped conversation on Feb. 7 that he had played down the coronavirus despite […]