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Crucial talks between the US and Taliban begin in Doha | USA News

Doha, Qatar – United States officials and Taliban representatives have resumed negotiations in Qatar’s capital on finding a peaceful solution to Afghanistan’s long-running war that has killed hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilians. Key issues in Thursday’s talks, which began a day after US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad arrived in Doha, remain the withdrawal of […]

Indonesia deploys troops to West Papua as protests spread | News

Jakarta, Indonesia – Indonesia has deployed more troops to West Papua as demonstrations spread across the region, with government buildings torched and reports of a prison break, injuries and more attacks that belie earlier assurances by the government that the unrest had been contained. President Joko Widodo‘s chief security minister, Wiranto, told reporters on Tuesday […]

No sex please we're British (stick insects)

Phasmids hailing from New Zealand become a-sexual after arriving in the UK A New Zealand stick insect that migrated to the UK more than seven decades ago has given up having sex and become asexual, prompting biologists to wonder about the use of sex at all – especially in Britain. The Clitarchus hookeri is native […]