ESAN POLITICS: The ‘Pull Him Down’ Syndrome Booms Among Esan Youths Because of Dirty Politics.

ESAN POLITICS: The ‘Pull Him Down’ Syndrome Booms Among Esan Youths Because of Dirty Politics.

By Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu.

The devilish attitude of some youths; “If it’s not me in that position, whoever else is there must be disgraced and pulled down”, has taken another high profiling practice among our youths because of their selfish and dirty politics. Little do they realize that the political leaders will never trust them enough, to be allowed to climb the leadership ladder upon such selfish behaviours and actions.

The selfish decision that you must bring down and lie against other youths as long as it guarantees you a spot at the top in the corridors of the political elites and the natural tendency that any youth cannot expect to be trusted with leadership if he or she insults politicians on social media one moment and the next moment approach these same politicians for help are sure visible reasons that validate the argument that Esan youths are their biggest problem. We need look inward !!!

The most disturbing trend among Esan youths is the rising wave of intolerance to dissenting viewpoints and ideologies. Today on social media, what young people are doing to themselves in the name of politics and the superiority contest to establish who holds the best opinion is alarming and the irony of it all is that those whom they accumulate enemies onbehalf are in a bi-party ceremonies ‘wining and dining’ friendly.

Experience has revealed to me that most youths have the ideas of trying to have everything for themselves alone and others can go to hell which is a predominant characteristic why Esan youths are used as election consultants, social media combatant soldiers, and political thugs; thereafter, they won’t be trusted to be given opportunities because of their obvious selfishness.

Practicable examples revealed also to me that this perspective is not entirely correct under which many have blamed the new trend on a conspiracy of the political leaders who just cannot stand the idea of vacating the political scene for the younger generation creating a system that makes it impossible for young people to emerge and succeed in politics and governance.

Our Esan youths must understand that as youths, we are not in a rat race competition. We need to be working together even when we have different political aspirations and ideologies. We all need to start looking at ways we can develop Esanland as young people across political lines. Enough of this politics of APC members attacking PDP members that has turned young Esan youths who were once friends into public enemies. Esan Nation is One !!!

…to be continued

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