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Follow ➡️ @cnnclimate ➡️ New satellite images of the Amazon from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show how much smoke is in the air above the rainforest.
An image from July 28, 2019 shows just clouds in the skies, while an image from August 22 shows smoke in the air above the Amazon.
(📸: @NOAA)


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  1. For me, the number one political issue today is the degradation of our environment. It is so short-sighted and self-destructive. We can create millions of new jobs world-wide by investing in cleaner energy, regenerative agriculture, and addressing the plastics problem, but this requires raising awareness of the possibilities and educating the world’s populations, not just in the industrialized nations, but in the world’s poorest nations, too.

  2. Why is cnn not showing the fact that trump wiped student debt for disabled vets? I mean, thats at least a little of what the left is running on, but since trump did it, cnn isnt talking about it. Proof that cnn is a leftist propaganda outlet.

  3. This is a catastrophe that will effect us for decades mark my words and the animals tribes food and medicine we get from the rainforest will be hard to come by chocolate for one among other things


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