Follow People all over the world are expected to walk out of their schools an…

Follow ➡️ @cnnclimate ➡️ People all over the world are expected to walk out of their schools and workplaces to demand action to address the global #climatecrisis on Friday. Will you be marching? Comment below to tell us why ⬇️ Tap the link in our bio to learn more #globalclimatestrike #climatechange

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  1. Lol ridiculous this climate apologist I remember back in the 60s and 70s we were going to freeze to death then it turned into global warming and we were going to cook. Now it’s climate change .. wake up you imbeciles claimant has been radically changing since the development of the earth ..Man has nothing to do with it

  2. Hey CNN.. go to china ..please report what happens there.. zero chance anyone skips school or recognizes this.. the worlds leading country for pollution. ..plastic straws are bad…😂😂.. they aren’t bad people.. it’s when people dont recycle or reuse that is bad..

  3. This climate crisis is a complete scam for the government to get more control meanwhile China and India won’t do a damn thing so even if United States changes their whole lifestyle to put off less carbon emissions it won’t make any difference and by the way not one scientist on the planet can say how much a single person contributes to global warming or climate change however we know that the world has gone through many cycles of heating up and cooling down this is all natural


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