Get involved, Join a political party, be part of the processes that produces candidates – by Ewu Political Forum

Get involved, Join a political party, be part of the processes that produces candidates – by Ewu Political Forum

Ewu, 21st August, 2019

The need for every Nigerian to belong to a political party and be part of the processes of how candidates emerge has been reechoed by the Ewu Political Forum, a non government organization with interest in political education of members and community with the aim of enhancing the social economic fortune of Ewu Kingdom.

The in-house discussion on the subject matter “Get Involved and be a member of a political party” was anchored by its President Engr Fidelis Edokpa. Among the panel of discussants were: Prince Tijani Ojeifo, Prince Sani Eromosele, Mark Akhuetie, Pastor Farouk Omosun, Mr Stanley Momoh, among other politically active members of the forum who x-rayed the subject matter to reach an informed position which necessitated this position statement.

The key points that reawaken interest in the subject matter flows from the fact that most members are allergic to political parties activities. Many are not card carrying members of any political party but quick to blame the elected leaders when things go wrong.

According to the anchor man, he opined that the people gets the government or leaders they deserve since they failed to be part of the process that produces the leaders which is mostly in the area of belonging to a political party.

In the words of Engr Fidelis Edokpa, while responding to a very salient question, “Yet, we can be part of the process and the process start from selecting the Party’s candidate.

If you and I are not part of that processes because we don’t belong to a political party, then we might be left with no choice than to vote between the Devil and the Red Sea.

You begin to hear words like He is a lesser devil, etc.

For me, to get it right, we must be part of the process that produce the candidate”.

But according to Mr Stanley Momoh, ” Voting does not necessarily make you a politician rather exercising your citizens right”.

Pastor Farouk Omosun posed a question to clear some of the grey areas. His question was “I know that I do vote but my take is must I belong to a political party?”

To Prince Tijani Ojeifo, there is the need to fully get involved but the political processes is not conducive considering the reality in Nigeria Political space . In his words, “Knowing some of the facts highlighted by the president. Some of us even though not resident in Eilu (Ewu) have always been involved in the political development of Eilu.

I am a proud registered voter in Eilu, right in my own primary school, the very famous Eguare Pry Sch. This is not just now, it’s been so from the beginning of this dispensation.

As we encourage ourselves to get involve, we should also encourage, educate and enlightened some of us on the need not to be Political THUGS.

Some of us are aware of the madness that took place during the last house of assembly elections in the state, where some of us, i mean some of us, happily chase, beat, harass and even fire gun shots at innocent old men and women.

So, we must talk to ourselves, our brothers and friends on the need to be politically responsible and resist been used as a thugs.

We need to embark on sensitisation and education” he explained in details.

Mr Stanley Momoh added, “You may not belong to any political party if you don’t intend to go into politics at last that is where sincerity comes to play who is pure in heart and ready deliver to represent.”

Mr Lawrence Oboh related his own experience as follows “Few years ago, a good friend of mine whose father was then a big person in of the political parties in Edo State invited me to come over so he can push his father to be my godfather so I can be pushed into political power. He told me that it would be fire for fire but since he knows that am one of his smart friends (because we both attended same secondary school and same university) he knows I will be very useful to them in Edo State, they will fix me somewhere then later push me up the ladder. I asked him what about my family he said they will relocate my family abroad. Of course I told me wife and she was very straight forward, telling me if I am ready to make her a widow because of politics. Till date my wife doesn’t want to hear me talk politics. Imagine I was the type that was eager, maybe by now I will have joined in the blood shed just to acquire power, but sadly we all die one day. Many have come and many will still go. We should talk to our brother, sisters, fathers, uncles, aunties, etc. All these politicians are our relatives, how well do we admonish them?”

The anchor man confirmed the above to be one of the bane of political activities in Nigeria. In his words, “the above is very true.

This is another dimension to the quagmire bedeviling our political space today.

However, am optimistic that money politics will fade away over time.

I was in Ewu during the 2019 elections, and I saw some Ewuite reject money.

But getting involved at the party level is key to causing the political change.

Prince Tijani Ojeifo shed some deeper insight to conclude the discussion as follows:

“Paradoxically, there are many people who have extremely strong views about how our country should be governed who also fail to join political parties. They obviously see no connection between the two; I believe their analysis is wholly incorrect.

Even for a single individual, joining a political party significantly magnifies their impact on the governance of our country compared with being a citizen who votes in elections but has no party affiliation. There is a spectrum of activity that you can engage in once you become a party member. The logical approach is to rank this in order of increasing time commitment.
In summary, very few Nigerians join political parties. That gives significant power to those who do join.

Membership gives some influence even if you never attend a single party meeting.

The more active you become, the greater your influence. Membership is not expensive.

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