Invest your time, money and efforts in a country where you can get positive retu…

Invest your time, money and efforts in a country where you can get positive returns.
There is a lot of interest in Government funded education aka FREE tuition Uni in Germany, but like all free things in life, there is a price to pay. Price in this scenario is good academic standing and language.
It’s public info, no company works with German public school who teach in English so we DO NOT help with TUITION- FREE uni in ENGLISH. We can only help in GERMAN.

Those seeking free tuition in an English-speaking school, find out what the consequences are on our page @aocschengen and follow for constant updates with regards to studying in Germany!
For 100% English taught programs in a PRIVATE school, regardless of your class of degree, we would find a solution * Terms and conditions apply

For Private schools, Average School fees for Bsc and Msc are from 3500€ and above PER SEMESTER.
Living expense aka the Blocked account 10,236€

When you attend a private school,
No IELTS needed, schools have career departments, Free 1st level of German course, 1-year master’s program, better visa student success rate, work and study option, immigration possibilities, internship possibilities, etc

For those who have applied to other countries to study but refused unjustly, this is your chance to live your best life here in Germany Be #schengenized

Call to apply Today! +4915213185302


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