It’s a polar bear invasion. Parents in a remote Russian archipelago are scared t…

It’s a polar bear invasion. Parents in a remote Russian archipelago are scared to send their children to school after a “mass invasion” of polar bears into residential areas, state news agency TASS reported. A state of emergency was announced on Saturday, with up to 10 polar bears reportedly on the settlement’s territory at any given time. Polar bears are increasingly coming into contact with humans as climate change reduces their sea-ice habitats, forcing them on land for longer periods of time.
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  1. They have rights to this planet just as much as scum animal killing humans…, humans have killed massacred billions and trillions of animals.!!!!!!! It’s a holocaust, go vegan! Save yourselves before it’s too late! Eat and live kindly, ahimsa, non violence.

  2. @c48davis you seriously believe Donald Trump had anything to do with natural gas. No, it was due to fracking, which was developed long before he was President. He had zero to do with it.

  3. @c48davis you absofuckingkutely have the power to slow and stop climate change, perhaps if you stop thinking about yourself and instant gratification and look instead to preserve the resources for your children and grandchildren, looking beyond your own selfishness you’ll see that there are policies that are coming to help alleviate the rapid destruction of this planet we share.

  4. @c48davis honey, nooooo. Trump has done just about everything in his power to make it easier for companies in the US to harm the environment. He doesn’t even believe in global warming/climate change. I would suggest looking up some videos/direct quotes from trump and his lack of belief. It would also be good to look up the roll backs he has done on policies to protect the environment. Hope this helps!


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