Primitive accumulation isn’t just something that happens in the civil and public service, but in every sector wherein people are called to be of service both to God and humanity – even the church of God. If we miss this, we miss everything.

Jesus said to one wealthy man one day, “Go and sell all your belongings, and give the money to the poor…” And the the rich man went from His presence with sorrow and heaviness of heart… And sadly never returned to the one they all called “Rabbi”.

Today, many Men of God preach this message so powerfully, and even go belong where Christ stopped when He gave the command to the unwilling wealthy man. I always enjoy listening to this message; except that this message is targeted at the listening congregation alone, while the Men of God who preach it are EXEMPTED from the message or sermon as you may. This really gets me thinking…

Today, we hear of Men of God owning private jets, expensive schools, and investing in money spinning business ventures that rake in more money for them and “their” ministries. This is a welcome development and very good indeed. However, and surprisingly, this same message of SELLING ONE’S BELONGINGS AND GIVING THE PROCEEDS TO THE POOR still doesn’t apply to them in any way even though they too are Christians before they were called by God to be of service in His Vineyard. My question now is, “Do they just see themselves as messengers alone and not as God’s people like others? Are trying to become the envelops that delivers a letter alone, and after them becomes no longer useful when it comes to the contents of the letter? This again gets me seriously thinking… It’s like the case of saying “DO AS I SAY, BUT NOT AS I DO” and which is differential treatment and message to the same people who belong to the same God.

I want to live by example, and I want people who have chosen to live by example as well to minister to me and others in the body of Christ irrespective of wherever one belongs to in the spiritual stratification.

I seriously think that the church needs restructuring, and now is it before we mess up this Holy Calling of God!


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