Thanks to a random act of kindness, this mom who travels two hours every day acr…

Thanks to a random act of kindness, this mom who travels two hours every day across England to visit her newborn daughter will now be riding the train for free. Rachel Broadway, whose baby was born prematurely in December, was spending about $40 a day on the 70-mile round trip. One day, a conductor asked Broadway why she was traveling so often, and later secured a free train pass for Broadway, valid for as long as she has to visit her daughter in the hospital. “It was very overwhelming that a stranger can do a humanitarian act as she knew nothing about my life. I felt so grateful and happy,” Broadway said. (📸: Rachel Broadway)

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  1. @danger_is_my_first_name but she didn’t ask for free rides, did she? An act of kindness given from the heart should never be questioned, regardless of who gave it to who

  2. If only we all behaved in this way and did random selfless acts like this, how different this world would be. Power to all of you who continue to recognize those who require our assistance. Power to you!!!

  3. @beautyqueengoddess it was an act of KINDNESS by the train conductor!!!!!! Not a privilege she has or because she asked for it. What’s wrong with you people?? Maybe karma and negativity won’t let you get KINDNESS!!!

  4. Regardless the remarks people wants to make if she has or not 7 kids. The act of kindness is what counts. I honestly believe we need more of this. Kindness, hope, the desire to help people…. even when others takes advantage. We need to support others. #RESPECT #KUDOS 🙏🙌🏻


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