EDSG, Obaseki cannot be distracted by divisive politics and propagation of falsehood

EDSG, Obaseki cannot be distracted by divisive politics and propagation of falsehood

We are delighted to welcome our Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki back from his annual vacation.

The governor conveys his heartfelt appreciation to Edo people for the sturdy support they gave to his able, dependable and very competent Deputy, Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu and other government functionaries during his vacation.

Once again, Edo people have demonstrated their unalloyed faith in the Obaseki-led administration that has put the wellbeing of the people above all other considerations.

While the governor was away on vacation, a section of the media was inundated with contrived and unfounded speculations and fake news.

Although it is not our style to dissipate our creative energy to comment on fake news, however, as a responsible and responsive government, we owe millions of our supporters the true position regarding developments within our government and the state chapter of our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The tactic of crying wolf where there is none is prevalent among a small, dishonourable segment of our political class, and their sole aim is to distract the government from delivering the dividends of democracy, throw spanner in the works and profit from the resulting crisis.

But their pedestrian strategy has proven ineffective and insufficient to sway Edo people, whose daily rating of Governor Obaseki is at an all-time high.

As a government, our focus and commitment is to strengthen the pillars of growth and development across all sectors of the state and in the three senatorial districts, and we cannot be distracted by irresponsible, concocted stories and contrived controversy that have no place in actual existence.

The Edo State gubernatorial election is almost a year and half away and Governor Obaseki’s focus is to work for Edo people who gave him the mandate and no form of distractions will dissuade him.

There is no gainsaying that there is a general acceptance of Governor Obaseki and his approach to governance. All that is needed to gauge public opinion is to walk through the streets in any part of the state. The revolution in basic education, transparency in governance and huge infrastructural projects are sufficient to erode the effect of any fake news or contrived controversy.

Edo people restated their faith in Governor Obaseki when they voted en masse for the APC in the last House of Assembly election in the state, with the APC coasting to glory in all 24 state constituencies, a feat, never before achieved in our recent political history. The message was clear: Edo people want an APC-controlled Assembly to support the governor’s vision for the state.

Meanwhile, the robust relationship between Governor Obaseki and his brother, friend, predecessor, and National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, is waxing stronger daily.

No amount of speculations, hate statements and fake news can erode the friendship built over the years on mutual trust and respect, which has translated to good governance in Edo State.

Also, the governor’s relationship with the leaders of the state chapter of the party is extremely cordial and solid. A recent vote of confidence passed by all leaders and executives of the party on the 14th of April, 2019 attests to this fact.

However, only a handful of individuals whose insatiable greed the governor has refused to entertain at the expense of the peoples’ collective patrimony have decided to employ malfeasant tactics to blackmail him, the government and the party. They have since been advised to accept the fact that the peoples’ interest takes precedence over their avarice and that is our final word to them.

It is important to warn these few bad eggs who have turned themselves into fifth columnists, moonlighters and political implants that their feeble attempts to derail the moving train being piloted by Governor Obaseki and his lieutenants will continue to fail as Edo people are familiar with their devilish plot.

These bad elements who also worked against the APC in the presidential election know they have to face the inevitable consequences of their ignoble actions hence their attempt to muddle up the political environment, hoping that by so doing they can escape justice. But we want to assure them that their actions shall surely be visited with the adequate retribution at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, Edo people should continue to disregard these detractors and their planted stories and hogwash as we are more than ever, committed to their wellbeing.

Our aspiration to create a state where all Edo people and residents can realise their dreams and place Edo State where it rightly belongs as a center of development is now within reach. So, for us as a government, we will continue to emphasise development, peace and unity to ensure a secured, prosperous future.


Osarodion Ogie Esq.

Secretary to Edo State Government.

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