A Black police officer in Buffalo, New York, who was fired in 2008 for interveni…

A Black police officer in Buffalo, New York, who was fired in 2008 for intervening when a White colleague employed a chokehold will be given back pay and a pension, a New York judge ruled. Cariol Horne was fired following a 2006 incident in which she tried to stop an officer from using a chokehold on a handcuffed suspect. Horne served on the Buffalo police force for 19 of the 20 years required to receive a pension. Tuesday’s ruling restored Horne’s pension and vacated an earlier court ruling upholding her dismissal. “I had five children and I lost everything but [the suspect] did not lose his life,” Horne said in a 2020 interview. “So, if I have nothing else to live for in life, at least I can know that I did the right thing and that [he] still breathes.”⁠

(📸: Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/TNS/Newscom)

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  1. If your reading this right now, surround yourself with positive people. Not time and energy to waste on negativity. Achieve your goals👑

  2. And this happened in 2008? Bruh it’s 2021. Took y’all over a decade to give this ex cop her justice? Where’s all the blue lives matter rats? Y’all should be all over this, this woman was a blue blood like y’all.

  3. This story encapsulates why so many police departments are rotten to the core. Fire the good cops and protect the bad ones.

  4. He wasn’t fired he retired that’s why they waited until 2021 from something that happened in 2006 they know exactly what they are doing it’s sad that y’all feel like y’all got justice when vengeance belongs to the lord !

  5. I can’t believe they fired her for that.
    She also did her colleague a favor by stopping him from doing something really stupid. And they fired her. I’m glad they restored her pension, they should do more.

  6. Neat story. So why do you gotta bring race of other officer in. It clearly wasn’t a black victim or CNN would have put that in caption.

  7. That’s fckin right !! . Imagine if every white person was required to take a racial diversity class . Along with everybody else with black history being included with out having any say in it that would cause a white washing or a race war..that should would be golden bro

  8. This right here is what every cop should do you see your partner getting out of hand take control speak up cause that silence makes you just as guilty for not intervening or speaking that blue wall of silence has to come down it’s a job not a Gang


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