A century ago, a Black couple owned a beach resort in Manhattan Beach — a Southe…

A century ago, a Black couple owned a beach resort in Manhattan Beach — a Southern California town known for its scenic expanse. In 1924, the city, which wanted the land for a park, took the property through eminent domain and paid the couple a fraction of what they asked for. Charles and Willa Bruce left and died just five years later. Los Angeles County officials on Friday said they are working with state lawmakers on legislation that would return the property — worth perhaps $75 million — to the family. “The Bruces had their California dream stolen from them,” county Supervisor Janice Hahn said. “Generations of their descendants … almost certainly would have been millionaires if they had been able to keep their property and their successful business.”⁠

(📸: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

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  1. If your thinking about it.
    Make sure Climate change is added to the cons. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  2. So when y’all say “jus stop being lazy and work for what you want” people’s ancestors did work for what they wanted and it was taken from them every time. If the article pointed out that they would’ve been millionaires today had business stayed in the family, imagine how many other black families and descendants would’ve been as well. It wouldn’t be as much of a gap of racial equity in the United States

  3. Return Native Americans- Mexicans that lived in California other areas that were stolen from them. Should also be compensated


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