A hospital system in Houston is requiring all of its employees to get vaccinated…

A hospital system in Houston is requiring all of its employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, making it one of the first major hospital systems in the US to mandate vaccination among employees and move to fire them if they don’t comply. Houston Methodist, a network of eight hospitals that has 26,000 employees, said it will require every employee to provide proof of vaccination by June 7. If employees aren’t vaccinated before the June deadline, they’ll be suspended, without pay, for two weeks. If they’re not vaccinated within that suspension period, the company will “initiate the employee termination process,” according to the company’s new HR policy, implemented this month. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.⁠

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  1. How y’all “requiring” and “mandating” for an experimental vaccine shot for a engineered virus that continues to have mutated variations!?!

  2. they should, for protection of workers and patients alike just like how hospital workers are required to get the flu shot i mean it makes perfect sense

  3. Good! I’m so tired of hearing whiny brats cry “mY fReEdoM” or “It’S a PeRsoNaL ChOicE!” No, it’s called grow up and be a responsible adult. Our right to stay alive and safe takes precedent over everything else.

  4. I mean, can’t blame them,. Most health workers are begging for help cause besides the experience of caring of the infected, themselves and their love ones are in risk.

  5. Why are people so shocked by this? They’re required to have every other vaccine to work in a hospital. It kind of goes with working in a hospital lmao

  6. Alot of states, like Georgia are right to hire, right to fire states. It’s called at will employment, and they can require the vaccine if they truly wanted to.

  7. What is the big deal? Healthcare employees must show vaccinations against measles, mumps, etc as well as get the flu shot. It is a condition of employment just like having a license to practice medicine.

  8. That’s messed up. I chose to get the vaccine, but that was my choice. I support people’s right to choose

  9. Omg!!! They don’t require it already?!?!?!? How backwards is America . It’s not a question 🤦🏻‍♂️


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