A Philadelphia man wrongfully convicted of murder is finally free after spending…

A Philadelphia man wrongfully convicted of murder is finally free after spending more than three decades behind bars. Curtis Crosland was found guilty in 1991 of second-degree murder, robbery, and possessing an instrument of crime in the 1984 killing of a Philadelphia store owner. His conviction was overturned in June. Documents that contained troubling information regarding the credibility of two key witnesses as well as police records that pointed to another suspect were in files at the Philadelphia Police Department and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office from the beginning of the case, according to a lawsuit. “I feel exceedingly joyful, happy, that finally, you know … after 30 or more years, after constantly knocking on the door for somebody to please hear me, that day finally came,” 60-year-old Crosland told CNN. He has now returned home to his five children, fiancée and 32 grandchildren. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.⁠

(📸: Jessica Griffin/AP)

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  1. Enjoy your freedom brother, i hope you get a load of compensation to enjoy the years you were robbed off.

  2. This is disgusting and unacceptable. The prime of his life was stolen from him. I wish him health and happiness in his future.

  3. I’m so encouraged to see that more and more cases like this are being overturned. I can only imagine how many innocent people are wasting away in prison. What a travesty! Thank you to those who are working to free them! ❤️👏


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