A record-breaking wave of bills restricting transgender athletes are being consi…

A record-breaking wave of bills restricting transgender athletes are being considered in 2021. Again and again, supporters point to one case in Connecticut at the center of a political battle over transgender rights.


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  1. lol they’re not passing the bills to stop trans people from competing, they’re trying to stop an unfair advantage. There’s no reason we can’t introduce co-ed sections of sports, so that young women don’t lose their scholarship opportunities

  2. No. They are passing laws which prevent the opposite sex from competing with each other. A biological male should not be allowed to compete against a biological female in any sport where their anatomy naturally creates an advantage.

  3. It’s because it’s a little unfair towards the woman of the sport. Transgender females still have the strength of a male and that’s the issue with everyone.

  4. Tbh i dont oppose it. While I respect their identity and opinion, they can’t ignore the fact that those with XY chromosomes are physically superior to those with XX chromosomes. It’s like allowing some of the competition to use performance enhancers.

  5. It’s preventative measures because the left doesn’t understand biology the pArTy Of ScIeNcE 😂

  6. Why don’t you talk to the parents of the other athletes. See how they feel when their girl goes out to compete and all the sudden the shemale walks up that’s like 6‘2“ tall and smokes her. Yeah, that’s really fair. Typical liberal lunacy.

  7. This is 1000000000% about women sports, if it’s not in that case let’s put Ronda Rousey and the octagon with any male fighter in her weight class that’s in the top five let’s see how long that f****** s*** by us don’t pull punches now this is 100% about women’s sports❤️

  8. Why can’t we just drop the gendering of sports and introduce a new way of sorting teams so there’s all just one big team that gets sorted into subteams during competitions, based on their weight class or skill level, similar to other coed school functions like academic decathlon?

  9. Allowing biological men to compete with women may allow that one trans person enjoy a sport, but it ruins it for all the women competing in it.

  10. This isn’t about transgender!! Its all about fairness to woman and girls in Sports. You’d think that The party that is all about identity politics would be able to comprehend? What don’t you understand? 🙄

  11. How about the Transgenders start their own league? Have all them compete against people like them.

  12. This what the left have to understand. They are not stopping trans gender from participating it would be an advantage to them when competing against female athletes. Could you imagine if an Abe’s body person competed against paraplegic there would be an unfair advantage. The left have really lost the plot.

  13. They can only find that ONE complaint because that was a time where the transgender girls happened to be better than the cisgender girls. Taking away their rights is the most unnecessary thing to spend your time on. (I watched the whole video)

  14. What a joke, if you think a male who identifies as a female doesn’t have a competitive edge over a female you are high af


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