A tiny sketch of a bear by Leonardo da Vinci is expected to sell for over $16 mi…

A tiny sketch of a bear by Leonardo da Vinci is expected to sell for over $16 million at auction. The item is one of only eight Leonardo drawings left in private hands, according to Christie’s, the auction house organizing the sale. It’s made using silverpoint — a technique, taught to Leonardo by his master Andrea del Verrocchio, that involves marking chemically-treated paper with silver rods or wire.⁠

(📸: Christie’s Images Ltd)

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  2. Are you serious 😂 i could buy a house, a car, plus i could do sooo many things with 16M

  3. No money for sketch…A beach house somewhere up in Northern California seems appropriate.The weather is beautiful all year around…

  4. I think instead of buying this for USD 16m , buy 16 pcs from 16 other artists who are alive and need the money and fame now not after death and give them each 1m . Or 24 pcs from 24 artists with half a mil or …
    What I mean is : This is a nice piece I know I don’t wanna bring down it’s value but why shouldn’t we care for people when they are alive and when they are dead we pay so much money for their work just to say we have a piece of their work at home ?
    There are lots of good artists alive right now who will be happy to sell their works even for 1000 . It’s not just the money . Nobody even sees them . No matter how their work is good .
    I really hope one day people start giving more attention to each other when they are still alive .


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