A trip to the grocery store turned into a fight for survival at a King Soopers i…

A trip to the grocery store turned into a fight for survival at a King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado. The shooter entered the store Monday afternoon and opened fire, killing 10 people — including the first Boulder police officer to arrive on the scene. Ryan Borowski was halfway down an aisle when the gunfire started. He described to CNN what it was like inside the store during the deadly rampage.


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  1. Guns shouldn’t be banned because some people need it for protection, but control to whom they sell it to should be strengthened radically. They will give a gun to anyone for the bucks and that is the real issue 😓

  2. CNN is disappointed in one thing that the shooter was not some white dude who lives in his grandmother’s basement….

  3. And still part of the government ( republicans) don’t want gun control, sad , could happen to anyone

  4. I’m so sorry… I’m so sad. I’m so angry. I’m so scared. Why can’t we just stop with these fucking GUNS?!?!?!?!

  5. NO ONE deserves to feel unsafe like this!! Why are these weapons still legal? Everyone that’s supports them says “the only thing thats gonna stop and bad guy with a weapon is a good guy with one” no one else is carrying around an assault rifle with them! It’s ridiculous that people can stand for this and we keep letting this happen!

  6. That broke me down. He spoke from the heart. God bless the families that lost loved ones. 🙏🏽

  7. 💔💔💔 my heart breaks for my country and the lives lost because GOP lawmakers refuse to do the right thing over and over.


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