After a record number of new coronavirus cases in one week, more than two-thirds…

After a record number of new coronavirus cases in one week, more than two-thirds of California residents received a text asking them to stay home. Text alerts went out to residents of Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley on Tuesday, according to a tweet from California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. In the past two weeks, hospitalizations rose by 71% and ICU admissions saw a 68.7% increase, California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly said. ⁠
(📸: State of California/AP)⁠

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  1. Cuz no one Fukn listen and stay tf home. The state doesn’t crack down on businesses and doesn’t follow through with anything.

  2. Running out of ICU beds and more importantly running out of staff. Taking care of these covid infected patients has put much strain on the medical staff. Jan through Feb are our most busiest months if we steam roll into this winter season with record hospitalizations, medical treatment will be catastrophically hindered to both personnel and public. Please take this virus seriously for the sake of frontliners and your family members.

  3. We received that on many times in GA…I still see folks out there doing their things. Just respect the distance, wash your hands and wear a mask!

  4. We have ZERO ICU beds available in San Joaquin County. ZEROOOOOO.

    I honestly do not and will not ever understand how anyone can not take that seriously.

  5. The incompetence of these democratic states, and they have the balls to blame trump for all these cases instead of themselves.

  6. Yeah we aren’t going to be doing that. The numbers are padded af, many false positives from an unreliable PCR test (oranges, grapefruits & new unused swabs all tested positive). The regular flu is no longer existent it has now all become c0vid. Heart attack deaths are now c0vid deaths. Girl gets kicked in the head by a horse ? She died of c0vid. 🤮 Fear-mongering to keep the fearful (meaning the LibSheep) terrified at its best. This is a political stunt once again. Shame on our MSM. They have discredited themselves👎🤮


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