All homeless people living on Los Angeles’ Skid Row — one of the nation’s bigges…

All homeless people living on Los Angeles’ Skid Row — one of the nation’s biggest concentrations of homeless people — must be offered housing by October 18, a federal judge ordered Tuesday. Last year, citizens, business owners, and community leaders filed a lawsuit saying officials failed to address the homeless crisis in the city. Right now, tents line city blocks with makeshift shelters cramped under street overpasses. ⁠

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  1. Don’t mind me folks.👮🏾‍♂️ I’m just checking if everything is safe in this comment section. (Make sure to tag me if you see any perpetrators!)

  2. But they don’t want to stop drug using and it’s almost impossible to house the ones that having living without a home.

  3. Offered is one thing will they accept it? Here in NYC they prefer to be on the streets due to lack of safety within the shelter system sooooooo lets see if California gets it right 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

  4. Sounds great, better make those people work like clean up the streets, freeways and other stuff for the city. Because Los Angeles looks like shit.

  5. If we can get them off the streets, medicated (for those that need it), and teach them a skill so they can become contributing members of society again. A lot of them just need a helping hand. Not throw them to the gutter like we have been doing.


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