Amazing: 9-Years Old Boy Donates #1,000 to Esan Mega Forum Borehole Projects

Amazing: 9-Years Old Boy Donates #1,000 to Esan Mega Forum Borehole Projects

Oseluese Joshua Michael Inegbenoise from Emuhi, Esan West has written his name in gold on the immaculate pages of Esan history by donating the sum of one thousand naira to support the Esan Mega Forum Free Community Borehole Projects.

The young boy who lives with his parents in Port Harcourt was so deeply touched by the fact that most communities in Esan Land still lack potable water in the 21st century that he decided to support the borehole projects with his little savings.

Gripped by the irresistible desire to provide water for Esan people, recall that in May Esan apex and largest Socio-cultural body Esan Mega Forum rolled out plans to sink free boreholes in every local government area in Esan Land, beginning with one in the old Okpebholo and another in the old Agbazilo.

While narrating why the young chap made the donation, the boy’s father Mr. Mike Inegbenoise said:

” My son’s donation gave me mixed feelings this morning. On one hand I was ashame, on the other hand, I was proud. Last week he asked me why I don’t join in our family devotion every Thursday evening. I told him I am always in EMF online meeting for water projects in Esan Land. I also told him how almost impossible it has been for us to raise N5m. He asked how many are we? I told him we are over one hundred thousand members. He thought over it and said if half of that number pay #1,000, you should realize at least N50m. I said yes. He went in and came back to me that he want to contribute #1,000 towards the project. I thought he was joking. He told me he has up to #1,000 from his savings. This morning, he handed over his #1,000 to me and I transferred it to Esan Mega Forum corporate bank account”. He narrated

For a boy of such age to make such a sacrificial contribution to the success of the borehole project is a pointer to the fact that he would do more for Esan Land in the future when he becomes an adult with a decent means of livelihood. Team Esan Mega Forum commends the patriotic gesture of the kind-hearted kid and pray God to continue to bless him in all his endeavours, now and forever.

More than everything else, Joshua Michael Inegbenoise has set a perfect example for all Esan sons and daughters to follow. The obvious lesson here is that if all of us can give from the little we have, in no time we shall sink boreholes across the five LGAS of Esan Land. Brothers and sisters, wait no further, send your donation to:

Esan Nokpbebholo Mega Forum
Access Bank
Current account

No amount will be considered too small. Send your contribution today. Let’s make Esan a better place in our time.

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