An all-girl coding team known as AlGIRLithm designed an app to review restaurant…

An all-girl coding team known as AlGIRLithm designed an app to review restaurants’ Covid-19 precautions — helping customers stay safe while also supporting local businesses. Their prototype, called Safe Bites, won first place for the youth team category at MIT’s annual app invention summit in August. It’s currently in the development phase.
(📸: Elsa Bosemark and AlGIRLrithm)

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  1. We need smart girls like then in our daily lives,not those that post black square thinking there making a difference

  2. Another mouth piece to hurt small business restaurants around the country are doing just fine without this stupid APP

  3. What a bunch of drama! Covid-19 is even that dangerous as someone who purposely infected myself with the virus and followed Trumps guidance I have fully recovered with ease! So rating restaurants on COVID-19 safety is just sad to see people actually care about the virus! Just like what Trump told Joey last night that the official vaccine will be here by Christmas so do what’s right for America vote for Daddy Donald in November!

  4. Ahhh I see we have a super liberal trying to work in Silicon Valley, I guess she’ll fit in perfectly though 🤣🤣


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