Another Excuse to Disrupt Education

How long will teachers unions continue to create obstacles to normal school operation while claiming to favor it? Witness the American Federation of Teachers. The union has launched a $5 million campaign promoting the idea that it favors school reopening—at the same time its president fans Covid fears in the media and proposes new rules on classroom safety.

AFT President Randi Weingarten has been playing this game since the spring of 2020, earnestly expressing a desire for regular classroom instruction, but also presenting lockdowns as a regrettable necessity and demanding massive new government funding before schools could be reopened “safely.” Of course it’s now clear that schools were never the “superspreader” threats of media lore, student-to-teacher transmission rates are low, people in U.S. classrooms face little risk and distance learning was a disaster for many children.

Perhaps aware that parents have grown more skeptical during the past year, now Ms. Weingarten is back with a new media campaign to present herself as a champion of reopening. And the public relations effort seems to be working.

“Teacher union president: Goal is to get kids back to school,” says a recent headline from the Associated Press. A.P.’s Susan Montoya Bryan reports:

The head of a national teachers union visited New Mexico on Thursday as part of a nationwide campaign to convince parents that it’s safe to send their kids back to public school.

But for someone allegedly trying to persuade people that schools are safe, she seems to spend a lot of time talking about risks and possible countermeasures. The A.P. report adds:

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