Anthony Fauci has arguably become one of the most recognizable faces of 2020. An…

Anthony Fauci has arguably become one of the most recognizable faces of 2020. And the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases may also be inspiring a new generation of aspiring doctors. The number of students applying to medical school for the upcoming 2021 academic year is up by 18% — a huge spike compared to the previous year, which some med school officials are informally calling the “Fauci Effect.” The Association of American Medical Colleges usually sees an increase of about 1 to 3 percent year over year. “This kind of increase is unprecedented,” said Geoffrey Young, the organization’s senior director of student affairs and programs. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about the spike.⁠

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  1. Maybe its just a realization that doctors are more in demand than ever and it is a good opportunity to earn a great living.

  2. 🤣😂🤣 The man worked on HIV decades. About a million people still die each year. But those drug companies making the $$$$.

  3. Or it could be because people are realizing health care is a major concern and want to be part of the solution? “Fauci effect” gtfoh 🙄

  4. Oorrrrr because of a pandemic that’s taken so many lives and jobs that it’s the only pathway that’s honestly reliable

  5. Inspired by his lies and back peddling I see. Lockdown, no don’t lockdown, don’t wear masks, no wear TWO masks. Whatever works I guess.

  6. What has he actually done other than recant statements, followed by even more conflicting statements and make ridiculous suggestions like Americans should never shake hands again or gather in large settings even post pandemic

  7. Yall do realize many people were probably on a med school track but this year was the year they passed their mcat and was finally able to apply right?

  8. ❤️❤️❤️ great ! Glad kids want to be doctors … it’s about time science and other rigorous fields became of interest. Enough with all the liberal arts colleges, no offence.

  9. Probably because med schools are waving some application requirements so more people think they have a chance to get in.

  10. Lmaoo i think it’s less to do with a “Fauci” effect and more to do with the fact that young adults don’t want to enter the shitty economy and workforce so instead they are applying to graduate school


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