Australia Covid live news update: NSW reports 466 cases and four deaths as Victoria records 21 and Qld six | Australia news

For a long time, nearly a year and a half, we were different to the rest of the world, and now, we are not different from the rest of the world. The Delta strain is diabolical and we have to accept and be real about that. Even when you throw everything at it … cases are still emerging. This is really a diabolical strain, we have to be real with what works, and we also have to be hopeful, which is realistic. I’m a realist, and when you get to those double doses, and you see that reduction in hospitalisation, you can live more freely … that is what we are working towards and why we are racing and sprinting to get to those vaccination rates.

I mean this in a heartfelt way, the way the community has responded in the patience they have shown us in coming forward and getting vaccinated has been outstanding.

And sometimes we have let you down, sometimes we have made you wait too long or the booking system hasn’t been as efficient as it should, but please know, as far as NSW is concerned, I’ve always fought to get as many vaccine doses as possible in our state, always fought to have a sense of urgency to our program.

There is no perfect path forward. We are going to make more mistakes, of course we are, we will frustrate people, but it’s a journey we take together, and I feel it every day and I want to assure people of that, I feel what we are imposing on our citizens, and I feel the fear, just like everybody else.

We all have loved ones, people whose businesses are on the brink, who are really wanting that support, so we are working day and night, and when I say that, please know that every member of my team and every agency is working its guts out to support the community at this time.

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