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Until the overall vaccination rates are higher than they are now – even vaccinated people moving around – because while vaccination certainly reduces the risk of catching Covid and transmitting it – there is still the ability to catch it and pass it on.

When we get our vaccination levels a lot higher – I agree with you – and I think there should be those advantages to those who have done that, and taken the opportunity, and made sure – because if you’re vaccinated, you’re less of a public health risk than … someone who was unvaccinated in the community.

And I think the time will come where exactly what you’re suggesting, should be, should be able to be achieved, but for right now – that and having cafes open and people living around and doing all that, there will be unvaccinated people who will still go. I’d like to say that they won’t, but it will happen. That’s what we’re seeing in many other countries at the moment.

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