Australia news live: Morrison stirs debate over international travel, Google may appeal against location data ruling

PM says ‘first goal’ is to allow vaccinated Australians to travel and quarantine at home when they return. Follow updates live

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Kelly says Australia has now delivered 1.420m vaccines nationally, but acknowledges there had been “some hesitancy” since the government’s advice for under 50s not to take the AstraZeneca jab.

Interestingly he says that was coming “particularly in the state-run clinics” that are mostly vaccinating healthcare workers. But, he notes many of those people are under 50.

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Kelly is going into some detail about the risk-reward scenario of the AstraZeneca vaccine. He essentially acknowledges that some Australians might not think it’s worth it given our low case numbers, but notes how rare these cases are and also that it won’t be the case forever that Australia does not have cases.

We will at some point in the future, we do not know when, but we will have cases here in Australia. The chances of being infected will increase, so being vaccinated is a protection not only for yourself, but also for the people you care for, if you’re working for example in an aged care home or a hospital, your family, and the wider community. That is why we have a vaccination program. And the benefits of being vaccinated out weigh the risk of these rare event.

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