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A re-elected Palaszczuk government would introduce laws to give people that choice, and we will do that. I’ve also made it abundantly clear that government MPs will have a conscience vote. That is the right thing to do. I also want the public community to have a respectful debate.

There are going to be opposing views. I understand this. But I also understand these are deeply personal issues and, in fact, having seen firsthand the suffering of both my grandmother and my uncle, it is heart-breaking, and no one wants to see that. But it is a deeply personal choice and this bill will give people the choice to end their life with dignity.

We often talk about the dignity of work. Well, there is dignity as well in the way in which people choose to end their life. That’s not to say that palliative care is not an option as well, because we know that palliative care is being utilised at the moment by thousands of Queenslanders and that’s why my government is investing $171m to ensure that people have that choice.

The Law Reform Commission has done exactly what we asked them to do. They have provided a comprehensive bill to cabinet for the parliament to consider. The legislation will be introduced – I will introduce that legislation next week into the Queensland parliament.

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