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The government’s policy in relation to cancelling visas of dangerous criminals that people have committed serious offenses against Australian citizens and, Mr Speaker, the word doesn’t need to be taken, at face value, look at the results.

Look at what we’ve done in relation to these visa cancellations and to the prime minister’s credit in 2014, we changed the law, because we were quite amazed when we came into government, and saw the fact, Mr Speaker, that very few people, particularly those who had committed the most heinous offences against children and women and men in this country were allowed to stay in our country, and to repeat those offenses against further victims.

So, Mr Speaker, we make no apology for having ramped up that program, and done it in a dramatic way.

For example, Mr Speaker, I have been incredibly proud and I’ve informed the house of this on a number of occasions, of the $70 million dollars that we’ve invested into the Australian centre to counter child exploitation. Because, Mr Speaker, that is saving children from harm, young boys and young girls and, Mr Speaker, we are, I think landing a very significant blow on those pedophiles and sexual predators who seek out Australian children as their victims.

But, Mr Speaker, it doesn’t stop there because with the visa cancellations, we have been able to cancel 309 visas for rape and other sexual offenses during the prime minister’s time as the immigration minister, during my time, and our successes in that portfolio.

And, Mr Speaker, that compares to for the previous six year period 43.

Now, Mr Speaker, we have made it our business to make sure that we can work with the authorities here and overseas to identify who these offenders are, and we make no apologies for it.

In fact we’ve cancelled now, the visas of 6300 non-citizen criminals.

These are people who unbelievably when you look at their criminal histories have gone on for years and years and years to commit criminal offenses, including sexual assault and rape against subsequent victims, and, Mr Speaker, I am proud of this government for the way in which we have kicked these people out of our country.

Mr Speaker, they will not offend again against Australian women and children. Mr Speaker, we will not allow…I take the rejection from the member for Solomon, who has been against this legislation, and he should explain to his community where there has been an outrageous spike*, Mr Speaker, in relation to the numbers, who have committed sexual offenses against children.

And he should start. Mr Speaker, with action like we have, and stop the nonsense rhetoric but it continues, as do many others opposite.

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