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We invested our own money to own our community post offices, and we deserve to be respected and we asked the committee to consider recommending an apology from the prime minister and the board of Australia Post, reinstating our CEO and allowing us to continue on our growth strategy, ensuring the board of Australia is balanced, professional, skilled and represents the interests of all stakeholders, dedicating at least one board member to LPO interests, chosen by the licensing board, a commitment to consult on all major strategic changes, allowing licensees to have more commercial freedom so we remain viable, rejecting the BCG strategy and stopping any further secret reports.

We eagerly await the outcome of your inquiry and hope that those responsible for these terrible actions that led to this scene will be held to account and real, meaningful change with time.

The government needs to consider that community post offices that are in every community, every market, seek, and we have a very strong voice.

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