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The thing is… The area that matters most Australia, the area which should be our strategic habitat is the Indonesian archipelago. Across the northern reaches of Australia, a central part of ASEAN. This should be and in my time as Prime Minister is where I focus in particular, and others as well but particularly myself.

This is where we matter most but instead of that we have got this sort of fiction, this thing called the Indo-Pacific like a big rectangular box, India, Japan and another was we are not focusing on the idyll of the box which is Indonesia and ASEAN. It is like assessor at the park. We are not in the pivot at the middle but on the wobbly ends. This is just a fiction.

There is no way India is going to fight itself with any naval military Flotilla in the South China Sea to protect us from China, unless the Chinese some out turn in a big position in the Indian Ocean. If the Chinese are not in the Indian Ocean, there is no way the Indians will be in the South China Sea.

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