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Here’s a dispatch from our west coast political reporter Maanvi Singh from Nevada, where she’s on the ground keeping an eye on the lead up to tomorrow’s caucus:

Another group that 2020 hopefuls are hoping to win over are senior citizens. Several campaigns have stopped by the MLK senior center in North Las Vegas.

Jill Biden didn’t make it to a monthly birthday celebration there today, choosing not to cross a Carpenters Union picket line protesting working conditions at a nearby construction site, according to the Biden campaign. The campaign offered to transport anyone interested to a Biden rally in the evening.

On Thursday, Joaquin Castro dropped by the center. And Tom Steyer visited last week.

At the Friday event — where attendees were happy to eat and dance with or without Biden — Marshall Collins, 90, said he’d already voted early. “I voted for Biden,” he said — though he’s happy to vote for any Democrats. “I hope things come together in the election. There’s too many Democrats right now.”

Collins’ second choice is Steyer, he said. “All I care” — regardless of who the candidate is — “is if he does what he says he’s going to do,” Collins said.

David Outland, 60, was another Biden supporter. “I like sleepy Joe,” he chuckled. “He probably had more experience than anyone else.”

Outland said he wishes the candidates would reach out more to older Nevadans. “Boots on the ground, like we used to do,” he said.

He’d like to know more about the other candidates, he said. “Right now it’s too confusing.” The former Vice President is the only one he’s familiar with.

Yvette, 62, who said didn’t want to use her full name because she didn’t want Trump supporters to come after her on Facebook, said she’s going to vote for any Democrat.

“I just don’t want to lose my benefits because Trump got pissed,” she said. “Or to have our kids locked up.”

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