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Sen. Bernie Sanders (socialist, Vt.) is still insisting that the U.S. economy is in need of a gargantuan $3.5 trillion overhaul. Are things really that bad? Other than threats from government debt and inflation created by the senator and his Washington colleagues, it’s not easy to spot problems in an economy where job openings have never been more plentiful. The Journal’s Josh Mitchell writes:

The U.S. economy is proving resilient in the face of the Delta variant.

Americans briskly increased spending at retailers last month, while employers have largely resisted the urge to lay off workers, the government reported Thursday, both signs of strong demand in the economy.

Sales at the nation’s retailers rose 0.7% in August, rebounding from a drop in July, the Commerce Department said. With many schools, college campuses and offices reopening, consumers shelled out more for groceries and merchandise at big-box stores.

The world’s largest economy has been growing smartly. Yet listen to Mr. Sanders, who unfortunately now chairs the Senate budget committee, and it sounds like everything is broken, all the time.

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