Calling the border with the US a clear point of “vulnerability” for Canada in te…

Calling the border with the US a clear point of “vulnerability” for Canada in terms of Covid-19 infections, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday that by mutual agreement, the border, which has been closed since March 21, will remain closed to nonessential travel until at least June 21. Trudeau did not rule out a further extension of the border closure. Even if the border does reopen to nonessential travel, Trudeau repeated that stronger measures may be put in place, such as requiring quarantine, medical checks and tracking for those entering Canada, including those from the US. (📸: Lars Hagberg/AFP/Getty Images)

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  2. Smart idea. Avoid it spreading in your country! It is a mess here and maybe 5% have been tested. 🥴😭

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  6. Just sneak across the border illegally. Then the left thinks you deserve to get all the benefits of a taxpayer without paying taxes. Oh wait that’s the United States.


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