Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn said during the January 6 attack rioters calle…

Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn said during the January 6 attack rioters called him the N-word. “No one had ever, ever called me a [N-word] while wearing the uniform of a Capitol Police officer,” he said.


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  1. This is so heavy 😢. We gotta do better, this isn’t the way. Bless the men and women who held it down against the insurrection

  2. The treatment that day of these officers by citizens of this country and the whitewashing now by the GOP is despicable.💔😢😡

  3. That’s so fucked up. What hatred. Ahhhhh those people disgust me so much. So sorry to this officer and all the others he mentioned. 😡😢😢

  4. 😢❤️😢 Much respect to these officers who did their utmost to serve & protect. They did not deserve what they went through

  5. Blessed are the men and women who served to protect American democracy. What they endured is outrageous.

  6. I don’t think there’s much to say here at the information speaks for itself. This gentleman is a very brave first responder.

  7. Ufff , so hard to hear this. I can’t believe this happened – my respect to this man enduring thru horrific moment ! 😢❤️🙌

  8. Black men in uniform have been helping this country since the beginning (forced and voluntarily) and will forever be looked down upon and called a hard R. This man is a hero. Amerikkka will never give them their credit.

  9. That’s completely disgusting. No one deserves that. It’s not just disrespectful but purely racism.


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