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The Real Cure for Coronavirus

Governments are frantically trying to contain and combat the coronavirus, and those efforts are important, but the world’s best hope is private innovation. Cutting-edge diagnostic tests and treatments are advancing, and government should encourage the trend. President Trump recently ordered the Food and Drug Administration to “slash red tape like nobody’s ever done before” to […]

Coronavirus Australia update live: curbs on public gatherings take effect – latest news

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison announced further restrictions on Sunday, including limiting public gatherings to two people. Follow all the latest Covid-19 updates Sign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus email Follow global coronavirus live updates See all our coronavirus coverage Public gatherings restricted, and rent moratorium 10.25pm BST Parliament is in “emergency mode” which […]

Brazil’s Bolsonaro calls coronavirus ‘a little flu,’ claims strong measures unnecessary – National

Even as coronavirus cases mount in Latin America’s largest nation, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has staked out the most deliberately dismissive position of any major world leader, calling the pandemic a momentary, minor problem and saying strong measures to contain it are unnecessary. Bolsonaro says his response to the disease matches that of President Donald […]

Thomas Allen Coburn – WSJ

Politics is a lifetime career for most in American government, and then there are exceptions like Thomas Coburn. The Oklahoma obstetrician who became a Senator and then returned to a productive private life died Saturday of prostate cancer at age 72. He was what America’s Founders imagined in self-governing citizen legislators, and that mentality made […]

Nursing homes screening for coronavirus can’t rely only on symptoms: investigation – National

An investigation at a Seattle-area nursing home concluded that symptoms aren’t enough to identify who is infected once the coronavirus enters a long-term care facility. Residents without symptoms could have the virus, so it won’t work to simply separate those with symptoms from others. Investigators found that screening based on symptoms alone may be failing […]

A Week of Coronavirus Pain and Progress

As the number of Americans infected with the coronavirus surges, and hospitals are besieged, it can appear that America is losing the pandemic war. But in important ways the U.S. is better off at the end of March than it was a week ago, and it’s worth tracking the progress as well as the pain. […]

The Coronavirus Euro – WSJ

Bad crises tend to produce worse policy, and nowhere is that as true as with growing calls to overhaul the euro currency to respond to the coronavirus health emergency. Imagine how European voters will feel when they find out. We speak of proposals for “corona bonds,” an idea floated as a fiscal solution to Europe’s […]

US-Taliban deal raises hopes for Afghan prisoners | Qatar News

On a cold late night in March 2016, hours after the Taliban fighters left Jan Mohammed’s house in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, security forces barged into his mud house and took him away. The night before, the Taliban had forcefully entered Mohammed’s house in Sherzad district, demanding food and water after escaping an ongoing gun battle with the […]

From Shutdown to Coronavirus Phase Two

Our editorial last week on the costs of our government-mandated national economic shutdown struck a chord with readers, including perhaps at the White House. President Trump is now saying he wants the country back to normal by mid-April. While this is right as a direction, the shift to a sustainable health and economic strategy will […]