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What the Senate Filibuster Assault Means

Washington wisdom once held that while Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema were the public faces of Democratic reluctance to breaking the Senate filibuster, others in the caucus quietly supported the duo. But on Wednesday night, 48 out of 50 Senate Democrats voted to use the “nuclear option” in an attempt to overturn election laws […]

Biden’s Woes Seem Like Old Times

The long news conference wasn’t a success, though it was daring (almost two hours, live) and probably worth the dare (nothing else is working). President Biden came out swinging, pushed back on critics, made big claims—it’s been “a year of enormous progress.” The White House seemed to want to show him thinking aloud, being reflective, […]

Taliban launch raids on homes of Afghan women’s rights activists | Women’s rights and gender equality

Taliban gunmen have raided the homes of women’s rights activists in Kabul, beating and arresting female campaigners in a string of actions apparently triggered by recent demonstrations. Tamana Zaryabi Paryani and Parawana Ibrahimkhel, who participated in a series of protests held in Kabul over the last few months, were seized on Wednesday night by armed […]

Zara Rutherford: British-Belgian teenager becomes youngest woman to fly solo around the world | World News

A British-Belgian teenager has become the youngest woman to fly solo around the world. Zara Rutherford, 19, landed her aircraft in Belgium – 155 days after departing on the 31,700-mile (51,000km) five-month journey. There were cheers and applause as she landed at Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport. Image: Rutherford, 19, started flying when she was 14 and dreams […]

How the West Is Losing Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting Europe this week in a frantic effort to deter a Russian invasion of Ukraine, and we hope he succeeds. But the Administration is also signaling that an invasion is likely, and if so it’s worth explaining why deterrence will have failed. The fault lies mainly with Vladimir Putin […]

Tonga volcano eruption: Tsunami sends ‘violent’ waves that cause boat to spill thousands of oil barrels into ocean off Peru | UK News

The eruption of a Tonga volcano sent “violent” waves across the Pacific and caused a boat loading oil about 6,600 miles away to topple, spilling thousands of barrels into Peruvian waters. Dozens of fishermen have protested outside Peru’s main oil refinery, La Pampilla, which processes around 117,000 barrels a day and is managed by Spanish […]

The Election ‘Subversion’ Hunt – WSJ

President Biden’s Georgia speech last week on voting and elections was riddled with too many falsehoods to count. But one of his claims deserves closer scrutiny. The President said the “endgame” of Republican state legislatures is “to turn the will of the voters into a mere suggestion—something states can respect or ignore.” Assuring listeners that […]

Rudy Giuliani among Trump allies hit with subpoenas over U.S. Capitol riot – National

The congressional committee probing the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol issued subpoenas on Tuesday to three lawyers who joined former President Donald Trump‘s unsuccessful attempt to overturn his election defeat: Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis. The House of Representatives committee demanded the pro-Trump lawyers hand over documents and sit for […]

Ukraine: Washington and Kremlin’s top diplomats to meet as Russia ramps up military drills in ‘extremely dangerous situation’ | World News

Washington and the Kremlin’s top diplomats are set to meet for talks in Switzerland on Friday, stepping up efforts as tensions escalate amid fears of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Moscow is sending troops from the country’s far east to Belarus for drills, a deployment that will increase the number of military forces […]

Biden Plays Capture the Federal Reserve

President Biden has a chance to remake the Federal Reserve Board of Governors by filling multiple vacancies. This is especially important given inflation’s breakout, yet Mr. Biden’s latest nominees seem less worried about prices than pushing progressive policies that aren’t the Fed’s job. Mr. Biden on Friday nominated former Treasury official Sarah Bloom Raskin as […]

UK to supply Ukraine with ‘self-defence’ weapons as fears grow over possible Russia invasion | UK News

Britain will provide Ukraine with “light armour defensive” weapons and training as Western powers fear an “increasingly threatening” Russia will invade the country. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the weapons being supplied are “short range” and to use in “self-defence”, adding that they are not “strategic” and “pose no threat to Russia”. Mr Wallace added […]

Anti-Semitism and Double Standards – WSJ

I spent Friday night like millions of other Jews, at the Shabbat table with my family, and then spent Saturday night like millions of other Jews, watching the phone for updates on the hostage situation at the Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. I went to bed thankful for the bravery and professionalism of the […]

Covid live: unvaccinated over-60s face monthly fine in Greece; teachers in France call for new strike over isolation | World news

The Covid-19 crisis is continuing to hit jobs hard around the world, the United Nations has said, warning it could take years for employment levels to reach pre-pandemic levels. AFP reports that in a new study, the UN’s International Labour Organization revised its previous forecast that the global employment market will make a nearly full […]

As Biden Relaxed Pressure, Iran Took Advantage

Jan. 16, 2022 5:44 pm ET Jeremy Ben-Ami, President, J Street, speaking at the J Street National Conference in Washington in 2019. Photo: Michael Brochstein/Zuma Press Jeremy Ben-Ami has been an opponent of pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran and a supporter of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. That 2015 deal, with nuclear and […]

Can Afghanistan avoid a hunger crisis? | Show Types

Video Duration 25 minutes 00 seconds 25:00 The United Nations World Food Programme says eight out of every nine families in Afghanistan are going hungry. The lack of food is the result of Afghanistan’s economic crisis. It has been compounded by the worldwide isolation of the Taliban government. The United States and the Western donors […]

Ukraine reveals website attacks were ‘cover for more destructive actions’ | Science & Tech News

A series of website defacements in Ukraine this week were “cover for more destructive actions” according to a government official and a technical warning from Microsoft. The high-profile but ultimately ineffective defacements – which came with a fake ransomware notices, according to Microsoft – were immediately reported, but behind the scenes malicious software was really […]

Concern for UK security as anti-vaxxer groups evolve towards US-style militias | UK security and counter-terrorism

Counter-terrorism officials and police are increasingly concerned over the trajectory of the UK’s anti-vaxxer movement as it evolves towards violent extremism and the formation of US-style militias. Boris Johnson is among those receiving direct security updates on individuals prepared to “undermine national health security”. The movement’s more extreme elements are recruiting and strategising over the […]

US CDC urges use of ‘most protective mask you can’: COVID updates | Coronavirus pandemic News

Recommendation stops short of advocating nationwide usage of N95 respirators even as new cases pile up in record number. The United States has revised its guidance for Americans on wearing masks to protect against the coronavirus, recommending donning “the most protective mask you can” while stopping short of advocating nationwide usage of N95 respirators. In […]

A Report to Our Readers

Dear Readers: The Wall Street Journal headquarters have been quiet in the past year, but our journalism is quite the opposite. The usual cacophony—phones ringing, reporters interviewing sources, editors discussing the latest news developments and screens flashing headlines and statistics—has been replaced, at least temporarily, with utter silence as most colleagues are again working from […]