Urohi People are the inhabitants of Urohi Community, Esan West LG; Edo Central Senatorial District of Edo State, Nigeria, rule by an Onogie (Monarchical King), the Community is known for agricultural produces like rice, pineapple, yam, cassava, orange, mango and guava, hence tagged “The Food Basket of Edo State”. Craft works with wares such as carving, hand-woven clothes, ebony rings, bowls, ash-trays, flower pots and bronze objects together with the art of basket-making which are veritable works of art like shopping baskets, waste paper baskets and farmer’s wicker baskets are major skills found among Urohi People. Urohi Community holds the highest community in Esan Land that harbors Farm Settlers and community inter-marriages record. It is visible and proven.

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