Chipotle is increasing the pay of its restaurant workers to an average of $15 pe…

Chipotle is increasing the pay of its restaurant workers to an average of $15 per hour, the chain announced Monday. Some employees will become eligible to make a six-figure salary after just a few years on the job. The wage increases will begin in the coming weeks for new and existing employees, which will result in a pay of between $11 and $18 per hour. Employees can also be promoted to a general manager position within about three and a half years — a job the chain said has an average compensation of $100,000.⁠

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  1. lets start a conversation that is better than this post lol whats something you know that most do not?

  2. That’s still so little when cost of living is so high do the math over 3 years, what hours are you expected to work??

  3. I’m going to save this post and show this to the manager they better not tell me different ..!!!

  4. Yea working 80hrs a week and having no lives. Tell the entire story. I’ve worked for corporate restaurants and it’s a nightmare. Has an average compensation of $100k, is that figure for all genders? I’m sure women are marginalized in that figure.

  5. It’s the same with McDonald’s. It’s such an awful place to work, that they have to pay good

  6. Pretty soon I’ll be washing the lettuce then I could become manager that’s when the real money comes in. #comingtoamerica

  7. Hmmm looks like I should leave teaching and start working at Chipotle to better support my growing family 🙄

  8. Ya, it’s hard to get people to come to back to work when Sleepy Joe pays people more to just stay home.

  9. Okay, well fuck me and my 8 years of education and residency barely making 6 figures :/ About to apply for a manager position at chipotle

  10. That’s less than $35,000 a year… big whoop. Still living paycheque to paycheque 👏👏


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