Coronavirus: How we’re monitoring our boundaries

The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, said his administration is using CCTV to monitor people and vehicles trying to come into the state.

Akwa Ibom, like other Nigerian states, has barred people and vehicles from entering the state in order to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus. Besides, there is also a ban on interstate transportation of passengers across the country.

“Let me surprise all of you, you may not know this, if you go to those our borders, you can check this out, take for example go to our border towards Itu Bridge, you will see a 3G camera mounted there,” Mr Emmanuel said on Saturday in a live phone-in radio interview in Uyo.

Mr Emmanuel said people working at the Akwa Ibom COVID-19 Situation Room keep a 24-hour watch on the various entry points in the state via the cameras.

The governor said he too monitors the situation at the entry points from his office and living room. The commissioner of police in the state, the governor said, also has access to the CCTV.

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The cameras are not everywhere, they are only on the busy entry points, he said.

“You may not see us making noise, but I want to assure you we have our people protected,” Mr Emmanuel said in the interview programme which was broadcast live via radio stations and Facebook and Twitter.

“The fact that you don’t see me jump on trailers and be on television does not mean we don’t have the latest way of monitoring things. We believe what is effective for us is what we are doing right down.”

The Akwa Ibom State government recently intercepted a corpse “smuggled” into the state from Lagos. The government said it had to bury the corpse in accordance with the protocol for the burial of infected corpse.

The state has made it mandatory for residents to wear face masks in public and has extended the ban on religious and social gatherings and funerals. Markets in the state are opened only three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

There are 17 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Akwa Ibom as of April 10.

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