Coronavirus live news: England to scrap Covid vaccine passport plans; Sri Lanka faces food shortages

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Javid was also pushed on waiting lists and targets on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Nick Robinson pointed out that 293,000 people were now waiting more than a year now for treatment, adding: “let’s remember waiting lists almost doubled under the Conservatives before anybody ever heard the word pandemic.”

Well first of all, they will go up before they go down, I’ve been very clear about that, the NHS has been very clear about that.

[T]he NHS is open, it’s there for you in a way it wasn’t in the last year so because of COVID.

I want them to come forward and I want them to come forward now and that will put more pressure on the NHS […] so it will get worse before it gets I’m sure.

I’ve had a couple of months now reviewing NHS targets, and I’ve got to say looking at the targets that have been set under successive governments, long before we had Covid, some of them are wrong, they’re just nonsense.

We need a proper review of targets because it’s the act of a lazy politician just to set some target that gives them a good short-term headline, that actually leads to the NHS going backwards and not looking after patients. I’d rather have clinicians doing their clinical work helping patients rather than sitting there filling in forms all day.

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