Cost of Wedding and Delayed Marriage in Nigeria.

On Vicky O Show- “ The Nigeria We Want”, join us on Saturday 31July 2021 to discuss the topic: Cost of Wedding and Delayed Marriage in Nigeria.

Socio-cultural and economic factors are making it difficult for many prospective couples in Nigeria to tie the knot.

While some couples are only focused on the importance of marriage without making a fuss about how big or small the ceremony is, some are obsessed with a big wedding and will go to great lengths to have one.

In this social media age, ” Celeb Factor” is driving big weddings, even those from low income families want a big wedding they cannot afford.

And there have been reports of corrupt officials at a prominent marriage registry in Lagos asking for bribe and making things difficult for so many young couples.

Join Vicky O and the panelists on Saturday 31 July 2021 ( 10pm AEST, 1pm WAT) to discuss this important topic and other trending socio-political events in the week.

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