Covid live: ‘Plan B’ restrictions in UK still possible, government advisor says; sharp rise in German infections | World news

On Saturday, 6,306 new deaths and 411,296 new cases were recorded worldwide.

Based on latest reports, the countries with the most new deaths were Russia with 1,179 new deaths, followed by India with 506 and Ukraine with 449.

The US is the worst-affected country, with 754,279 deaths from 46,461,779 cases.

After the US, the hardest-hit countries are Brazil with 609,388 deaths from 21,874,324 cases, India with 460,791 deaths from 34,355,536 cases, Mexico with 289,674 deaths from 3,825,404 cases, and Russia with 246,814 deaths from 8,795,095 cases.

The country with the highest number of deaths compared with its population is Peru, with 608 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Bulgaria with 359, Bosnia-Herzegovina with 357, Republic of North Macedonia with 346, Montenegro with 342, and Hungary with 323.

Latin America and the Caribbean overall has 1,525,388 deaths from 46,084,819 cases, Europe 1,424,434 deaths from 76,202,176 infections, and Asia 876,875 deaths from 56,130,911 cases.

The US and Canada has reported 783,411 deaths from 48,189,463 cases, Africa 219,336 deaths from 8,531,449 cases, the Middle East 209,980 deaths from 14,024,411 cases, and Oceania 2,906 deaths from 267,951 cases.

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