Craze World – Nollywood Stanley

Craze World
– Song written, produced and performed by Stanley Okorie.

This song is on the upcoming Volume 5 album of ‘The Stanley Okorie Nollywood songs’ released on 9/19/2020. See links below:

Volume 1 of the The Stanley Okorie Nollywood songs which includes 30 songs mostly chosen by YouTube fans was released on August 15, 2020. Both volumes 2 and 3 (each with 25 songs) will be available on digital stores on Sept 5, 2020. Volumes 4 and 5 will subsequently be released on September 19, 2020.

Stanley’s soundtracks feature prominently on the widely available movies on Nollywood YouTube Channels (e.g @Nollywoodpicturestv, @Naija Drama, @NollywoodMovies TV, @Nollywood Realnolly TV, @Nolly Express TV, @Trending Nollywood Movies TV, NelNaija, @NOLLYWOODBEST, NOLLYFOX TV, NollyXtra, Nollyblockbustertv).

Stanley Okorie’s Nollywood movie credits include:

Once A Soldier
Innocent Womb
Illiterate Billionaire
Cry of Ashes
Return of The Billionaires
Money Fall On Me
Aremu, The Principal
Yahoo Plus
Sorrows and Pain
Lawyer Top Secret
Female Royal Servant
Royal Fuss
Sochi The Royal Blood
Chisom, The Wife Material
Broken Vows
Rosy My Tailor
Caro, The Shoemaker
Missing Rib
Royal War
Game of Lies
Cry of Ashes
Epic Contest
Heart of a Mother
Highway to the Grave
Fall of Royalty
Irony of Love
The Servant
Power Tussle
For my Heart
Heart of a Friend
The Washman
Queens of Ugoebenaja
Royal Beautiful Princesses
The Rich Mad Man


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