. . Dubbed as “The world’s first international beauty pageant” by one of the co…


Dubbed as “The world’s first international beauty pageant” by one of the conveners, MHG was founded on the basis of celebrating all cultures of the world and showcasing human diversity. Since inception, the pageant has gone on to include 60 participating countries including Japan, France, Latvia, United States, amongst others; attracting an estimated over 500 million viewership globally, both live, online and mainline.

While addressing the press at a Global Press Conference on Monday the 25th of January 2021, Mr. Charles Ndudim (VP ESA and producer MHG abuja) reiterated that “Nigeria, the highest content producing country in the world can be a direct beneficiary of the entertainment industry and if Africa can create one market then we can complete favorable with any market globally” and this is why The Center of Excellence, Abuja has been chosen as the destination location for the 2021 edition, spreading the gospel of hope and Africa to the world.

The Miss Heritage Global Brand is partnered with the Entertainment Economic Summit Africa (ESA) ESA Economic team to bring the best of pageantry to Nigeria, the African Economic Capital of the World.

In commemoration of the 61st National Independence Day Memorial. The Miss Heritage Global event is slated for a period of ten (10) days, starting from the 30th of September 2021 and continuing subsequently everyday till the 10th of October 2021 with the exception of 1st October which is when the Nigerian economic summit will take place.

As the pageant is set to be hosted by Nancy Isime, the stylish Mbadiwe twins were announced as the ambassadors of the pageant. More details to follow as things unfold.

In attendance were Alhaji Musa ibrahim Mantu; president Entertainment Summit Africa; Nhlanhla Tshabangu, president Miss Heritage Global, vice president Entertainment Summit Africa ,Charlse Ndidum, Ronald Tisauke, vice president Miss Heritage Global, the Mbadiwe twins, Asogwa Emmanuel (Moralmore),
#AbujaToTheWorld @missheritageg @missheritageglobal_abuja2021


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