Edo 2020: No APC Aspirant Can Challenge Obaseki…. .He will emerge Unopposed. .Oshiomhole, Others Will Work For Him .No Ambode Treatment For Obaseki .He Will Cage Old Stubborn Politicians.

Edo 2020: No APC Aspirant Can Challenge Obaseki

  • He will emerge Unopposed
  • Oshiomhole, Others Will Work For Him
  • No Ambode Treatment For Obaseki
    He Will Cage Old Stubborn Politicians

The 2020 gubernatorial election in Edo State is gradually coming closer, with political gladiators in the state currently oiling their machine as major players in the all important election.

Expectedly, incumbent governor of our state, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, is in the eyes of the political storm in the state. Even though he has not personally pronounced his interest or thrown his political hat into the governorship race, but body language has clearly shown that he is fully interested.

Besides, his footsoldiers are already in the field seriously working for a hitch free second term for him.

But despite visible huddles for the governor to cross to his desired second term, a highly placed and respected leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has revealed that Mr. Obaseki will have an easy ride into his second term as governor of the State.

The APC stelwart who would his name in print, told our newsmen that things were working perfectly in favour of the State Governor.

“Sincerely speaking, things are not the ways some people are seeing them from the outside. Obaseki as a gentle man is not making any noise but he is perfectly in charge. He knows what he wants and also knows what to do to get what he wants or get to where he wants to be.

“It’s erroneous for people to think that the APC leaders are not with Obaseki. That’s far from the truth . At the appropriate time, people will know what exactly I am talking about.”

Most of our party members including leaders are with Governor Obaseki because they are proud of him, especially for his performance and they will willingly represent him to continue his good work in the state.

“For your information, all APC people shouting openly or secretly running up and down, saying they want to challenge Obaseki, are all jokers. At the appointed time, they will run into their bedrooms while the bold ones among them will collapse their structures and help Obaseki to victory.

“Godwin Obaseki has the capacity to overrun all other governorship aspirants, be they retired Army General or Sergeants. They will all fall like a pack of cards.”

“Do not forget that Governor Obaseki is called ‘Wake And See’. When the time comes, you know that the name is not for nothing.”

“You see, people who do not have deep knowledge of our politics are saying that the governor of Lagos State who the leaders of his party, APC denied of his second term bid treatment because he is not in harmony with Oshiomhole and many leaders of the party.

Let me say in clear terms that our amiable governor, H.E, Mr. Obaseki will be returned unopposed by the APC leaders and Edo people will gladly re-elect him to continue to deliver popular dividends of democracy.

At the appropriate time, all the party leaders, especially those opposed to the governor will be called to order. There is a big and respected traditional ruler in the state who is well pleased with the governor and will ensure that nothing bad happens to Mr. Obaseki, he said.

“Don’t forget that it’s the turn of Edo South to produce the governor of the State. Therefore, the fear that Oshiomhole being the national chairman of the APC, may work against Obaseki, is neither here nor there beacuse it is the responsibility of Edo South leaders to decide on who to present.” “So, my advice to all lovers of good governance and friends of Mr. Obaseki, is for them not to fret because there is no cause for alarm. I want to let them know that Obaseki is on top of the situation. Over the years, he has learnt the rudiment and political tactics. He is now clever and better politician than some of the so-called old stubborn politician. He has the capacity to cage them.


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