*Edo Central youth leaders serve warning to Edo Speaker, demand his resignation for geopolitical balance*

*Edo Central youth leaders serve warning to Edo Speaker, demand his resignation for geopolitical balance*

Youth leaders from Edo Central Senatorial District of Edo State also known as Esanland, under the aegis of Coalition of Esan Youth Leaders, have petitioned the Edo State House of Assembly asking the Speaker, Hon Kabiru Adjotu, representing Akoko-Edo in the House, to stop marginalising and oppressing the Esan legislators in the House.

In their Petition signed by the youth leaders, the Edo Central people also demanded the stepping aside of Hon Kabiru Adjoto as Speaker of the Edo State House of Assebly for a more competent legislator from Edo Central to lead the House and foster balance in the geopolitics of Edo State.

The youth leaders vowed that they would make the seat very uncomfortable for Hon Adjoto is justice is not enforced in the leadership of the House.  They said they were tired of being complacent about their rights and the real and perceived political emasculation of the Edo Central people under the APC government in Edo State.

The youth leaders are comprised of various organisations most of them registered in Nigeria and operating in Edo State. Some of them are members of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC), some of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and others are non aligned civil society leaders.

The two pages petition was signed by Kingsley Ohens leader of Esan Youths Movement, Saintmoses Eromosele leader of Oneghe Sele Foundation, Ekeoba Odion leader if Esan United Association, Oamen Stanley leader of Uromi Youth Movement, Christopher Okokorie leader of Esan People’s Forum. Others are Arch Edward AKHAINE and Hon George Washington Egbele.

The youths highlighted the humiliation meted out to the former Speaker and current Deputy Speaker of the House,  Hon Victor Edoror, by Hon Kabiru Adjoto.

Hon Ajoto had last week accused the Deputy Speaker of antiparty activities and set up what Edoro called an “illegal committee” to investigate Edoror for leaking official secrets to the public. This is the usual pattern towards suspending perceived opponent. A Nigeria Court, when approached by Sen Omo-Agege, has ruled that the legislative leader has no power to suspend a legislator. Whether the Edo State House of Assembly will respect that ruling remains to be seen.

Meanwhile the Esan youth leaders noted that Hon Adjoto’s plot was an insulting scheme to further humiliate the Esan people in the house and they vowed that Hon Adjoto action would be viewed as “a declaration of war on the Esan people” warning that “We are a peaceful people but we are well known for centuries as warriors…”

It will be recalled that Hon Adjoto emerged Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly in August 2017 following a violent impeachment of the former speaker, Dr Justin Okonobo, where Adjoto was involved in fighting inside the Legislative Chambers and forcing his way as Speaker of the House with contentious 19 of the 24 unverified signatories of members the Edo State House of assembly.

One of the allegations levelled against Okonoboh by the Adjoto putsch was that Hon Okonoboh shut down the House to attend his son’s graduation in the United States.

They also accused Okonoboh’s wife of driving in her husband’s official vehicle, and also that she tries to influence the decision of the state’s legislature by influencing her husband at home.

But lawyers and citizens argue that those excuses are not only flimsy but puerile and insensitive especially when viewed against the backdrop that it was a case of Edo North which already had Deputy Governor, former Governor, State Leader of the Party and now National Leader of the Party from that district whereas Edo Central Senatorial District for the past eight years have been virtually removed from every sensitive position in Edo State and nationally in an alleged plot to humiliate and decimate the people who have contributed to much to the independence of Nigeria, as well as the infrastructure, political and educational development of Nigeria through Anthony Enahoro,  Ambrose AllI,  Arch Onolenmenmen and others.

When  contacted for comments,  Assembly workers who spoke on condition of anynimity acknowledged receipt of the Petition by courier and by hand and expressed joy that the Esan people have finally united and will soon take back what rightfully belongs to them.


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