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BENIN CITY- Edo State Internal Revenue Service (EIRS), yesterday sensitized and enlightened butchers on the new tax regime.

Sensitizing the state leadership of the Butchers Association led by Mr. Akhere Odijie, the EIRS Executive Chairman, Mr. Igbinidu Inneh informed them that the new tax regime which kicks off August 1, 2021 would enable government to regulate butchering, document derivable data and possibly come up with policies that favour them.

Clearing off a grey issue raised by the butchers, he explained that, “Veterinary inspection fees was different from taxes, noting that tax is based on the economic activity engaged in by an individual while the veterinary fees are paid to government for services rendered by the veterinary doctors who certifies the fitness of consumed livestock.”

The butchers appreciated the EIRS for being an arm of government which was wearing a human face, giving them the opportunity to interface and raise questions which mostly helped to clear doubts.

The convoked meeting, it must be observed, was sequel to a resolution of the Edo State House of Assembly (EDHA) directing the EIRS to come up with a proper record of livestock operators in the state.

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