It’s true that some Esan Parents don’t teach their children how to speak/write Esan language any longer. Unlike those days we use to have ESAN vernacular among other subjects in both Primary and Secondary school but nowadays, no such thing as ESAN vernacular in existence. We can take the bull by the horns and start to learn/write and teach ESAN language once again.

Learn ESAN ALPHABETS – ABCD: a b d e e f g h i j k l m n o o p r s t u v w y z.

ESAN CONSONANTS: b d f g h j k l m n p r s t v w y z.
ESAN VOWELS: a e e i o o u.

To write in two/three words together,eg;
ba be be bi bo bo bu
bha bhe bhe bhi bho bho bhu
kha khe khe khi kho kho khu
gba gbe gbe gbi gbo gbo gbu
gha ghe ghe ghi gho gho ghu
kpa kpe kpe kpi kpo kpo kpu

The above words are group of nouns that mainly used to write the name of anything in;

Baba Ebe Abu Abuya Abebe
Ibhahe Ibhade Ehiabhi
Akho Akhabue Akhigbe Ikhide
Ogbeide Ogbebor Ogbole
Ighalo Ighodalo Igho
Ekpoma Iruekpen Otekpen

The used of mh and rh words. It mainly to write some Esan words and;

1. me means imhen
2. We means imhalen
3. Thinking means erhia

To make;
1. Emhie rha bi omon means that, in the name of the father and of the son
2. Onon rhe bho Osenobulua oide means that whoever believed in God will never fall
3. Irha arhalen non si Jesu gogi ibho khe Esan rhe bhe , bhe lilin non si Jesu ise WHICH MEANS, I use the blood of Jesus to cover all the Esan people in the name of Jesus Amen

It’s look so inferior whenever mh and rh are using to write some Esan name eg;
1. Urhomi instead of Uromi
2.Irhuekpen instead of Iruekpen
3.Abumherhe instead of Abumere
4.Oserhemhen instead of Oseremen

The use of r at the end of zero in some Esan name.Because, it replace the dot under it eg
while without eg;
Edo etc.
NOTE: All the various towns in Esanland can apply these words to write on our own dialect except Igueben people who speaks the Bini language. Pls. Those of us that can write in our own dialect can do so that others can see. Don’t be shy to leave your comments below

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