A Former House Of Reps Candidate and National Chairman, URPP; Comrade Michael Obasuyi has spoken on his plans for the newly trending Slogan “ESRA”. ESRA which stands for “Edo Shall Rise Again”, was founded by Comrade Michael Obasuyi recently.

Speaking in Benin, Comrade Obasuyi said the need arose to make Edo a proud State that it once was. He mentioned that the Era of Promise but Fail Politicians are gone, and that the People are wiser now.

” I innovated and brought ESRA into light because I saw the recent situation of things and it’s so pathetic. Edo must rise again. The wind of Change has started and this time it shall be more than anyone has ever seen. People who think they stand will fall, People who think they can pocket Edo State will be disgraced and those Corporate looters that do things in hiding shall be exposed. Nothing is working in the State currently, and this can’t be overlooked. The Person I will support will be someone that I shall personally give ESRA Flag to, entrusting such a Candidate to make Edo Rise Again.

When asked who and when, he replied” The time is not yet ripe, but the one I will give ESRA Flag to, MUST win and lead the State to greater heights. A select few a sapping the State’s resources, we are watching and laughing, because it is for a while.

He commended Leaders across various Political divide from the three Senatorial Districts of the State for their “Never die” spirit, and assured that the State will soon know Stability and Peace.

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